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Motivational Speakers – Have These Six Stories in Your Tool Kit

As motivational speakers, mandate is to influence our listeners. If we get it right, we’ve got remarkable ability on the platform to persuade other people to make a change, to embrace our creative ideas, to see our perspective. Additionally it causes us to be sales people. Realize it or not, we are selling something – it simply transpires that in our circumstance it’s not a physical commodity. So as sales reps we need to understand the golden rule: You can’t make a sale until you sell yourself to begin with. Listeners buy YOU.

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Let’s Write A One-Liner: An Easy Way To Add Humor To Your Motivational Speech

Writing humor is not an easy task, especially if you’re not a funny person, which is why I love the one-liner so much. It’s easy to write, easy to work into your speech, and easy for the audience to understand. And it always gets a laugh. If it’s funny. While many would say that one-liners should be put to rest with big hair and big bands, they are still a great way to flavor your writing and speech. And old fashioned or not, they still get a laugh. If you are a funny motivational