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Is Your Sales Presentation Still All About You?

My turning point as a motivational speaker came when I stopped making my shows about me and started making them about my audience. Tough for a performer. Of course it was all about me – who else was up on that stage? I gave a great show. People applauded the performance. Wasn’t that the point?

I studied other speakers to see what made them great, and over time I began to see a pattern- something beyond technique and talent. I found that one subtle ingredient that made the difference in just a good presentation… Continue reading - Is Your Sales Presentation Still All About You? >>


Kock ‘Em Dead With Your Next Sales Presentation

If you want to rise head and shoulders above your rivals , you need to deliver a sales presentation that doesn’t just get the job completed , but blows away the others. Being adequate is no longer enough to bring you the business. You need to be remarkable . Just how can you deliver an memorable presentation ? By treating it like a show . And who better to help you take that business presentation to the next level than a performer and motivational speaker. Below are a few insider tips that


“Strong as Death” Sales Pitch in Ten Steps

Move Your Sales Pitches from Lame to Rock Solid

Slow down and think about it – you’ve expended 1000′s of dollars in research and travel time, had to make two hair raising connecting flights, been harassed and cajolled by the Transportation Security Administration, and you’ve got that constant itch that makes you speculate whether your motel bed last night had bed bugs. All just for 15 minutes to speak to this encouraging audience of prospective customers. You recalled each word of your presentation. You feel you did remarkable. In actuality , your crowd checked out in the first sentence