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Motivational Speaker Finds Corroboration

Motivational speakers, like everyone else, enjoy finding corroboration for the ideas they have worked hard to develop. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson has found a blogger who seems to be channeling her. Read Kelly’s critique of Johnny B. Truant’s post on the importance of embracing change as an entrepreneur.

Motivational Speaker Gets Validation That Change Is The New Normal


Motivational Speaker Has Humor and Heart

Motivational speakers don’t have to be stuffy. Let me introduce you to a real gem – Vinny Verelli:



Motivational Speakers Little Known Secret to Business Success

Over-deliver. This entire article may be defined by those two words. Nonetheless, you are aware that as a long-winded motivational speaker, I cannot keep any discussion to just two words. However, they are two fantastic words when it comes to capturing the sale and keeping the customer. And yes it indicates exactly what you think that it means: Produce better than promised.Should you be convinced that delivering “sufficiently good” is enough to defeat the competition in this crowded market, the chances are you deserve the place you’re in. And we’ll move on to the

To Stimulate Or Teach? What Adds More Benefit?

Motivational speakers have gotten an undesirable standing over time, thought to be nothing more than gaudy suit wearing cheerleaders with absurdly bleached chompers, who get paid to do nothing but stand up there and inform us we can take an action that they have not worked out the way to do on their own. We’ve lost jobs simply because the event didn’t have adequate funds still left in her event budget for motivation upon buying the cheesecake. I’ve watched clients toss out the inspiring portion of an educational conference due to the fact that did

Motivational Speakers Impact With Humor

As a motivational speaker, I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Youtube, Flickr, Google +, and all things search engine . I’m keen on social networking because it enables motivational speakers like me to remain in touch with the men and women I encounter in life and in my speaking business. And keeping in touch suggests staying in front of their thoughts, which generally translates into speaking jobs. It also affords me the chance to genuinely get to know my audience – Online networking. Got to love it.

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