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Motivational Speakers Aren’t Perfect

Even a professional like motivational speaker Kelly Swanson can have a miscommunication. Especially when speaking in another country – but the results can be hilarious:



Motivational Speaker Gives Shout Out to Nice Guys

Motivational speakers know the value of encouraging others, and here Kelly Swanson give example of how nice guys actually do finish first:



Motivational Speaker Asks “Who Turned Up the Flippin’ Heat!?”

Funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson just posted a video to YouTube with a shout out to all women who are experiencing ‘the change’. Her video is entitled “Who Turned Up the Flippin’ Heat“… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Asks "Who Turned Up the Flippin' Heat!?" >>


Motivational Speaker Proclaims “Life is Not a Race!”

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson discusses her struggles in comparing herself with others, and comes to the conclusion that “Life is Not a Race.” Kelly’s take: we’re not in a race with the people we compare ourselves with. Instead, we live intersecting lives – a complicated we of ‘connectedness’. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson states that she will no longer judge herself against the lives of others. Instead, she will enjoy the journey and appreciate how her life crosses the lives of others… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Proclaims "Life is Not a Race!" >>


Motivational Speakers – What Makes a Good One?

  • Good motivational speakers get the listeners FIRED UP about your up-to-date corporate vision, about their jobs, about the convention – about daily life on the whole.
  • A very good motivational speaker teaches you how to self motivate. Considering that not a single thing happens devoid of the inspiration to accomplish it. Say it’s fluff if you want – nonetheless the lack of commitment is EXTREMELY HARMFUL to your profitability.
  • An excellent motivational speaker is