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Funny Motivational Speaker Video Shows Flaws

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson lets it all hang out in this funny video at a women’s health event:


Who says motivational speakers have to be stuffy?… Continue reading - Funny Motivational Speaker Video Shows Flaws >>


Motivational Speaker Removes Mask

Who doesn’t love a good motivational speaker? But, do you ever feel a disconnect between their words and their personality/character? Here motivational speaker Kelly Swanson does a behind the scenes video into who she is, rather than simply an example of what she does… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Removes Mask >>


Motivational Speakers Aren’t Perfect

Even a professional like motivational speaker Kelly Swanson can have a miscommunication. Especially when speaking in another country – but the results can be hilarious:



Motivational Speaker Gives Shout Out to Nice Guys

Motivational speakers know the value of encouraging others, and here Kelly Swanson give example of how nice guys actually do finish first:



Motivational Speaker Asks “Who Turned Up the Flippin’ Heat!?”

Funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson just posted a video to YouTube with a shout out to all women who are experiencing ‘the change’. Her video is entitled “Who Turned Up the Flippin’ Heat“… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Asks "Who Turned Up the Flippin' Heat!?" >>