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Motivational Speakers Impact With Humor

As a motivational speaker, I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Youtube, Flickr, Google +, and all things search engine . I’m keen on social networking because it enables motivational speakers like me to remain in touch with the men and women I encounter in life and in my speaking business. And keeping in touch suggests staying in front of their thoughts, which generally translates into speaking jobs. It also affords me the chance to genuinely get to know my audience – Online networking. Got to love it.

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No One Wants To Be Bossed Around – To Inspire, Create Trust

Ordering somebody to make a change does not make them want to perform it – irrespective of how much you gesticulate and modulate the pitch of your voice. Folks are passionate when your connection surpasses being logical to turning passionate. A vital ingredient to make this come about is building belief between you the motivational speaker and them the audience. Without belief, they’re not going to be stimulated adequately to tune in to you, believe you, and incorporate your truth.

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Give Me A Break – And A Little Forgiveness

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson gives unique perspective on forgiveness Continue reading - Give Me A Break - And A Little Forgiveness >>