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Let’s Write A One-Liner: An Easy Way To Add Humor To Your Motivational Speech

Writing humor is not an easy task, especially if you’re not a funny person, which is why I love the one-liner so much. It’s easy to write, easy to work into your speech, and easy for the audience to understand. And it always gets a laugh. If it’s funny. While many would say that one-liners should be put to rest with big hair and big bands, they are still a great way to flavor your writing and speech. And old fashioned or not, they still get a laugh. If you are a funny motivational


Why People Make Fun Of Motivational Speakers

I was sitting with a group of people having lunch at a convention when we all got to talking about losing weight – one of those topics everybody has an opinion about. I was explaining that I was having a hard time losing weight, while I spread butter on my second roll and asked the guy beside me if he was going to finish his cheesecake. We all agreed that exercise was the only true answer to weight loss, and did anybody have a solution for an exercise that was quick, easy, and didn’t involve moving around too much? One… Continue reading - Why People Make Fun Of Motivational Speakers >>