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Motivational Speaker Has Humor and Heart

Motivational speakers don’t have to be stuffy. Let me introduce you to a real gem – Vinny Verelli:



Kock ‘Em Dead With Your Next Sales Presentation

If you want to rise head and shoulders above your rivals , you need to deliver a sales presentation that doesn’t just get the job completed , but blows away the others. Being adequate is no longer enough to bring you the business. You need to be remarkable . Just how can you deliver an memorable presentation ? By treating it like a show . And who better to help you take that business presentation to the next level than a performer and motivational speaker. Below are a few insider tips that


Put The Laugh Last: A Simple Trick About Writing Humor

There are two basic parts to any joke – the set up and the punch – the first part (set up) where you seriously set up a premise, and then the second part where you surprise the audience with an unexpected ending. It’s that second part where the humor lies. It should be obvious that the funny part should go last. But I have seen many comedians try to put it in the middle. So remember this simple rule of humor: The punch line always falls at the end of the joke. Don’t add anything after the funny. End on… Continue reading - Put The Laugh Last: A Simple Trick About Writing Humor >>


OFFICE HUMOR – Working With People

Most of us have jobs that require working with people. And do you know what’s scary about working with people? The kind of service the customer gets depends on the mood we’re in that day. Call me on the day I’m going to pick up my new car: “Good morning, it’s a great day at Polly’s Pet World! What can I help you with today?”

But call me when I’m hormonal and just found a hair on my chin: “Polly’s Pet World. Yes, we sell dogs. What tipped you off? The big letters on the side of our building… Continue reading - OFFICE HUMOR - Working With People >>


A Motivational Speakers Take on Using Humor to Lighten Up a Tough Subject…

As a motivational speaker and comedy expert, one of the questions I get asked the most when speaking about humor, is how people can use humor to lighten up a tough subject. There are many places and situations where we are called upon to talk about difficult subjects. While there are some places where joking around is completely inappropriate, there are other cases where humor is an essential ingredient to delivering a sensitive message. I would think that most people know when it’s not the right time for humor – but I would also think… Continue reading - A Motivational Speakers Take on Using Humor to Lighten Up a Tough Subject… >>