“Strong as Death” Sales Pitch in Ten Steps

Move Your Sales Pitches from Lame to Rock Solid

Slow down and think about it – you’ve expended 1000′s of dollars in research and travel time, had to make two hair raising connecting flights, been harassed and cajolled by the Transportation Security Administration, and you’ve got that constant itch that makes you speculate whether your motel bed last night had bed bugs. All just for 15 minutes to speak to this encouraging audience of prospective customers. You recalled each word of your presentation. You feel you did remarkable. In actuality , your crowd checked out in the first sentence. As a motivational speaker and comic, I attend tons of meetings and hear gobs of sales pitches, and I observe this each time. You need to pitch like a professional if you wish to stand up and stick out in a jampacked market . Allow me to share ten methods to seize their interest, make a strong impact , and pitch like a professional.

See This For What It Is – A Chance To SELL Your Product
This is a sales presentation and should be treated as such.
Sell Yourself. People buy from people they like and trust. Make an emotional connection.

Prepare Ahead of Time
Never, never, NEVER just give your speech off-the-cuff.

This Is The Hook, Not The Pitch
You have plenty of time to give them information about your product – later. Use this time to hook them – to make them want to hear more. Pretend this is a movie trailer and you want them to come see the movie.

Don’t Give Information, Tell A Story.
People love stories. They connect much better to stories than information. People don’t want a book report on your company. They want to hear the story of how what you do affects their life. Write a story that is really about them, not you. Make it short and powerful. Include some humor.

For Gosh Sakes, Make It Fascinating
Making my goals come true? Now you’ve got my interest.

Ensure It Is About Them Not You
Understand that this is ,at all times, about them, not your organization.

Don’ Be Flawless, Be Genuine
We don’t want canned. We want human. We want to know you before we buy from you.

Use Your Microphone
I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable. What is important is if the audience is comfortable. And if the audience can’t hear, they aren’t relaxed . What good is a terrific message if the audience can’t hear it?

Do Something Different
Have you any idea how many of these we’ve sat through? Good grief. Even if it’s as elementary as a prop. Become innovative.

Keep It Short
The more words you can remove, the more powerful your message.

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