OFFICE HUMOR – Working With People

Most of us have jobs that require working with people. And do you know what’s scary about working with people? The kind of service the customer gets depends on the mood we’re in that day. Call me on the day I’m going to pick up my new car: “Good morning, it’s a great day at Polly’s Pet World! What can I help you with today?”

But call me when I’m hormonal and just found a hair on my chin: “Polly’s Pet World. Yes, we sell dogs. What tipped you off? The big letters on the side of our building that spelled out PETS?”

Call me on Friday after lunch:  “Harriet’s House of Hair. Sure! I can squeeze you in this afternoon. Come on down sweetie and we’ll fix you right up.” But call me Monday morning before I’ve had my coffee: “Harriet’s House of Hair. You’re getting married and you need your hair done? Isn’t that just peachy. I wouldn’t spend too much. You know it won’t last. He’s probably already sleeping with somebody else. How’s Tuesday at three?”

Good thing I don’t work in the Emergency Room. First hour of my shift and as God is my witness, I will do everything in my power to save your ninety-seven-year-old grandpa who just got run over by a train.  But come to me at the end of my shift when I’m heading out for a week at the beach and I’m sorry, but I’ll have to pull the plug. He’s fifty.

He’s lived long enough.

Our mood affects whether we see our work place as fun, or just hell with fluorescent lighting. Our mood affects how we treat our customers, which in turn affects our success. Yet so many of us wait for external factors to determine our mood. We wait on circumstances or other people to determine whether you will see us smiling, or with horns and a forked tongue. There will always be difficult people, change, and stress. You can’t wait for them to make you happy.

It’s up to you to control your mood. Period. I know this is standard motivational speaker stuff, but it’s still true. You choose whether to see your workplace as a fun place or as just hell with fluorescent lighting. Your success depends on it.


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