My Plumber Won’t Work for Free

My accountant is a wonderful person, but the last time I asked him if he’d do my accounting “for the exposure” he gave me a empty look. If people expect to pay a plumber for their hard work, why do so many individuals think it’s ok to ask a motivational speaker to work free of charge – “for the exposure”?

It’s certainly advantageous to do every no fee event you can get when you are new in the business. This means presenting at local Rotary dinners, sports league banquets, and perhaps assisted living facility gatherings. The fact is, beginning presenters need to get practical experience before live audiences. When you are getting started in the business, you should consistently take these jobs. Your compensation is the, all too often tough, painful knowledge and seasoning you obtain from these gigs. Handle these jobs exactly the same way you would any paid event. Prepare yourself just like you are getting paid many thousands. By applying the time and effort for these presentations you are building your ability and value.

The requests free of charge speaking engagements does not slow up when you’ve made a name for yourself. Now the conference organizers would like to get your skills for nothing. You’d be blown away at just how many telephone calls you can get for no cost gigs.

It is possible to normally uncover a free job early in the conversation when the event planner starts off describing the event in great depth, telling you how tremendous it’s going to be, pulling at your heart strings with the value of the cause, and the not difficult to predict “This is a group you really want to speak for.” The conversation gets oddly silent when visiting the issue of money.

When I reflect over my years as a motivational speaker, and go over the nightmare scenarios – practically all of them took place during a free gig that was going to give me “great exposure”. Things that people get without working for are never regarded with the same respect.

Before you believe that I am on a unhealthy rant, let me suggest that there are free speaking engagements that you will want to take. If there is a charity or non-profit that you care about, then absolutely assist those causes by speaking free of charge. And in reality, there are some audiences that you should be excited to speak for – even if at no cost. And I have had free engagements where the group, auditorium, and opportunity were awesome. I actually had a free of charge job earlier this month where the event organizers treated me like royalty, and did everything in their power to make the event a victory for me. Nevertheless, before you accept a free of charge speaking gig there are a number of ways to structure the job to make it meet your needs as well:

  • Look past the meeting coordinator’s hype and genuinely examine whether or not the group you will speak for will be a benefit to you. Is this unquestionably a target group that would supply beneficial, full fee spin off? Keep from getting caught up in the scenario the event coordinator will spin. As well, don’t let them grind you down. Some meeting planners hound you to the point that you will consider finding a body guard.
  • Thoroughly question the conference coordinator that this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase yourself and that the location and setting are suitable. Will you be expected to speak in a large open space with heavy traffic? Will the audience be drinking before you speak? Are you being expected to speak in a badly setup meeting room with no speaker system?
  • Nail down how the meeting planner will assist you in using the event to grow your business. Be certain that you are given prominent billing in any advertising materials and any event press. Get a commitment for a letter of recommendation and maybe even get the event planner help you market to other chapters of their association. Don’t neglect (and follow up) to get copies of any videos or photos taken at the event.
  • Are you supposed to shell out for your own trip expenses and accommodations?

It’s inevitable that you’ll be called for free speaking jobs. Several may even be positive for your career. It’s your burden to be certain that the job will actually help YOU.


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