Motivational Speaker’s Observation on Customer Service

How’s Your Customer’s Experience? Do You Stand Up and Stick Out In A Crowded Market?

As a motivational speaker, I keep an eye on this kind of stuff. Things have changed a lot since the internet joined the game. Things have changed a lot since social media joined the game. The current economic climate has radically changed the game. The old model for the way we conduct business is not going to work anymore. You have one choice: Get with the program or get lost in the shuffle.

Today’s customer doesn’t want to be sold. Today’s customer doesn’t want to just hear a list of features and benefits. Today’s customer wants more than you waiting on them or being available to answer questions. Today’s customer wants a relationship – far in advance of the sale. Today’s customer wants a personal connection. Today’s customer craves the experience and the connection. And if you don’t give it to them, they will go somewhere else.

Many people out there in business are still focusing on benefits, services, features, things they can do to better serve their customers – the old model. They are still using old tricks expecting new results. They are still seeing it from their own perspective not the customer’s.

Today more than ever, we have got to spend all of our time seeing things from the customer’s perspective – focusing on the customer experience and how to deliver the ultimate one.  Today more than ever we need to be listening to our customers – hard – hanging out with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – to really get to know what makes them tick and how we can connect to them.  Today more than ever, selling is about relationships. Serving customers is about friendship. Buying is about emotion.

This certainly does not mean that we don’t focus on quality. Quality is a given. Quality is the starting point – the ticket in the door. It’s understood that you will deliver on your promise the first time out, or you won’t get a second chance. It doesn’t mean we can forget the basic tenets of customer service which seem to have fallen into the trash. We still want toilet paper in the stalls, soap in the dispenser, and paper towels to dry our hands. We still want a receipt when we pump gas outside. We still want someone to take our order and act happy to do so. We still want our phone calls returned. We still want honesty and integrity. But now we want more. And it’s your job to deliver it or we will find someone else who will.

So what will you do? Will you join the game or get lost in the shuffle?


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