Motivational Speakers Impact With Humor

As a motivational speaker, I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Youtube, Flickr, Google +, and all things search engine . I’m keen on social networking because it enables motivational speakers like me to remain in touch with the men and women I encounter in life and in my speaking business. And keeping in touch suggests staying in front of their thoughts, which generally translates into speaking jobs. It also affords me the chance to genuinely get to know my audience – Online networking. Got to love it.

I’m constantly looking to determine which articles get the most likes, shares, and feedback. Is it the write-up introducing a new sale on my book? A posted document on the ways to sell to baby boomers? An article on what syrup you chose to put on your pancakes at the Waffle House? Or is it the post when you recite a widely known person every third sentence? Or contemplate the posts where you wax philosophic whether or not it should be Xmas tree as opposed to winter holiday tree?

I came to three conclusions:

1. It all depends on the person perusing the write-up. A few people will comment on one type of article much more than another. This means you can’t truly say that there exists a proper way and a incorrect way. Nevertheless, there have been many blog posts which resulted in more activity on a normal basis. Consequently, take a look at two and three.

2. People react to amusing blog posts. I find HUMOROUS articles and e-mails and multimedia clips distributed more than anything else. That ought to say something concerning your clients, and the men and women you intend to effect. People really love to bust a gut. And they will respond to hilarity. So, use laughter anytime you can. It’s catching. And we all know that contagious rocks in regards to social media,

3. Men and women react to articles that impact them emotionally. That’s very likely the motive for number two. Men and women react the most if they can’tkeep from responding. It could be that post walked on your level of sensitivity to a particular political or religious topic. Maybe the individual shared something that is so in sync to what you think, that you couldn’t keep from throwing in your two cents. Perhaps you just are unable to avoid diving into a fight, even when you don’t know the players. Maybe that post requested assistance, and you answered the request. What’s to be gleaned here? Try to connect with your clients on an sentimental level. Really know what they are concerned about. Don’t just speak to their intelligence, speak to their sentiment. This is the spot where they buy from.


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