Kock ‘Em Dead With Your Next Sales Presentation

If you want to rise head and shoulders above your rivals , you need to deliver a sales presentation that doesn’t just get the job completed , but blows away the others. Being adequate is no longer enough to bring you the business. You need to be remarkable . Just how can you deliver an memorable presentation ? By treating it like a show . And who better to help you take that business presentation to the next level than a performer and motivational speaker. Below are a few insider tips that entertainers use to generate a memorable experience. Test drive them all in your next sales pitch and see if you don’t bring the crowd to their feet.

Be Original
Investigate how the other sales people are doing it and do something unique. Give your client something they didn’t expect. Different has a longer lasting impression than better.

It’s Not About Facts – Weave A Tale
Why don’t you open with a story? What a great way to get started! Tell a tale about a person who decided not to use your service, and how it had a negative impact .

Shorter Is Better
Most people can’t concentrate on one thing for very long. Don’t speak a long time. There is definitely far more impact in a concise phrase. The more you tack on an effective declaration, the more that declaration loses its impact.

Focus On Your Audience, Not Yourself
It’s not about you and your interests – it’s about your listeners.

Start With A Bang And End With A Bang
People remember what you said first and last the longest.

Hone Your Delivery
Test drive it out before people that will provide you with trustworthy opinions, and be certain they are fully aware you’re going for extraordinary , not merely getting the job accomplished .

Make It Truly Funny
The best way to connect with your audience is through humor. Find the style of humor that fits your personality..

Be Modest
Individuals purchase from others they like and have confidence in – and folks have confidence in those who are modest . Be certain your purposes , speech , and nonverbal communication come from a heart of meekness.

Be True
Appear spontaneous or you will seem disingenuine. Be authentic.

Be Excited and Stand Behind Your Message
Don’t simply give dry and boring statistics like you are a robotic drone. I want to know you believe in your product.

Get someone else to write it if you have to
No one will care who wrote it as long as you deliver it well.


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