Ingenuity and Innovation , Roll Your Own

As a motivational speaker, comedian, I talk a lot about the benefit of being unique in a crowded marketplace. There are quite a few techniques to do that, but if I had to pick one word to clarify it I would choose creativity. Today’s world is noisy , and many of us are simply seeking to scream louder. It’s not noisier that gets their attention .To stand up and stick out, you should be different . Unique is not far better or enhanced . Distinct is fresh . Different is innovation – the art of creating.

It’s the way we differentiate ourselves from the other people . It’s how we earn the business . It’s how we give the ultimate customer experience. It’s the way we motivate our employees . It’s how we lead. It’s the way we learn to do more with less. It’s the way we give a special speech . It’s the way we pitch our products to a deafening market .

Creativeness , innovation, truly unique thinking – these aren’t brand new concepts . We throw these phrases around a great deal. But most of us merely talk about them rather of performing them. Creativity is the key to innovation , yet the most vague resource due to the fact we presume it’s about uncovering creative individuals who were born with that skill. We buy into the lie that we basically aren’t among those inventive types.

Inventiveness is not a unique reward made available to a select few in modest quantities. Creativity is out there in abundance for everyone – a never ending quantity. Merely take a look at our children . They are born with a tremendous volume of creativeness and exploration and wonderment – which we bit by bit teach them to squash.

So I reiterate : Everyone has the means to be imaginative . We are created with it. And as we grow older the majority of us are trained to neutralize those behaviors and routines. We only need to find our way back to it. Some have a shorter distance – but we can all get there – and it’s less complicated than you think. You just need a person to show you how to do it. You don’t have to rely on someone else to be innovative for you. It’s a skill that you can practice and grow to add to your business portfolio. And this is a competency you will love practicing because it’s pleasurable . It’s entertaining to watch invention in progress . It’s pleasurable to view people try creative ideas without fear of failure. It’s exciting to watch people take ownership of something they have created .

We’ve got to foster a business environment that embraces , teaches , cultivates, and practices resourcefulness on a regular basis . We need to look at the mindsets and actions and stuff that stands in the way of thinking outside of the box. We have to close our eyes, breathe deeply, and jump – and trust the process – without fear of falling.

It’s not skill that sets you apart. It’s creative thinking . Ready for change? Ready for a new year? Are you set to unlock the door to the greatest tool your employees can have? Let’s go. Let’s come up with something fantastic .


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