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Funny Motivational Speaker Video Shows Flaws

Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson lets it all hang out in this funny video at a women’s health event:

Who says motivational speakers have to be stuffy?… Continue reading - Funny Motivational Speaker Video Shows Flaws >>


Motivational Speaker Removes Mask

Who doesn’t love a good motivational speaker? But, do you ever feel a disconnect between their words and their personality/character? Here motivational speaker Kelly Swanson does a behind the scenes video into who she is, rather than simply an example of what she does… Continue reading - Motivational Speaker Removes Mask >>


Motivational Speakers Aren’t Perfect

Even a professional like motivational speaker Kelly Swanson can have a miscommunication. Especially when speaking in another country – but the results can be hilarious:


Motivational Speaker Gives Shout Out to Nice Guys

Motivational speakers know the value of encouraging others, and here Kelly Swanson give example of how nice guys actually do finish first:


‘Customer’ Service May Not Be Your Problem

Funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson has the chance to talk to people all over the country at her speaking events. She gets lots of real life stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Here Kelly posted an article on about treating your employees like customers, and the success it may bring:

What if you treated your employees like you treat