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Motivational Speaker Says “Give to Get”

Motivational speakers know a secret? Freely giving and helping others leads to success in today’s business environment? Who’d of thought? Read motivational speaker Kelly Swanson’s article on Daily Blogma:


Motivational Speakers – What Makes a Good One?

  • Good motivational speakers get the listeners FIRED UP about your up-to-date corporate vision, about their jobs, about the convention – about daily life on the whole.
  • A very good motivational speaker teaches you how to self motivate. Considering that not a single thing happens devoid of the inspiration to accomplish it. Say it’s fluff if you want – nonetheless the lack of commitment is EXTREMELY HARMFUL to your profitability.
  • An excellent motivational speaker is

Motivational Speaker Finds Corroboration

Motivational speakers, like everyone else, enjoy finding corroboration for the ideas they have worked hard to develop. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson has found a blogger who seems to be channeling her. Read Kelly’s critique of Johnny B. Truant’s post on the importance of embracing change as an entrepreneur.

Motivational Speaker Gets Validation That Change Is The New Normal