Monthly Archives: October 2010

My Plumber Won’t Work for Free

My accountant is a wonderful person, but the last time I asked him if he’d do my accounting “for the exposure” he gave me a empty look. If people expect to pay a plumber for their hard work, why do so many individuals think it’s ok to ask a motivational speaker to work free of charge – “for the exposure”?

It’s certainly advantageous to do every no fee event you can get when you are new in the business. This means presenting at local Rotary dinners, sports league banquets, and perhaps assisted living facility… Continue reading - My Plumber Won't Work for Free >>


Workplace 101: Putting a Lousy Day Behind You

Nobody tries to have one. They hit us out of nowhere when we least expect it. One minute we’re whistling a happy tune and the next we’re crawling home crying and blaming our mothers wanting to quit our jobs and see if the local Burger Barn is still hiring. But let’s face it, we all have terrible days. We all drop the ball occassionally.

Like the time I thought it would be fun to make my own jumpsuit in home economics and wear it to high school. It fell apart by lunch and I had to face the horrible… Continue reading - Workplace 101: Putting a Lousy Day Behind You >>